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Motorcycle tour Baikal Lake - Mongolia


12 – 25 August 2017 

Tour duration: ....................................14 days / 13 nights
Total length: ..................................................... 3000 km
Complexity level…………………..……………….. medium

Day 1. Arrival to Ulan-Ude.
Our tour leaders will meet you at the airport and take to the hotel. In the morning you will have time for rest at the hotel or small promenade around the city center. After lunch – first short ride to get used to the bikes. The ride to Ivolginsky Datsan,center of Russian Buddhism, is available by your choice.
In the evening we have welcoming dinner in the national restaurant. 
Day 2. Ulan-Ude – Small Sea (170 km) 
Today we’re having our first meeting with Baikal. We”ll leave the city and follow the deserted roads through the forests straight to the Lake. In Turka village we will take a boat and cross the deepest and the most ancient lake of our planet. You will be lucky to feel Baikal’s power and changing mood that depends on the fair-winds (there are about 23 of them on Lake Baikal)
We’ll stay for a night in wooden cottages with a view on the picturesque bay.

Day 3. Free day
You surely could stay in the hotel enjoying the place but we highly recommend you to visit Olkhon island that is called «The heart of Baikal». It is known to be the sacral center of shaman’s world of The North where places of worship and mystical power still exist. Bukhran Cape and Shamanka rock belong to such places. Optionally you can go by ATVs or 4x4 to the Northern boundary of the island – Khoboy Cape. From this point you can fully enjoy gorgeous view of the Lake.
Day 4. Small Sea – Listvyanka (325 km)
Today we’ll ride away from Lake Baikal passing by small Siberian villages surrounded by the steppes and forests. As we are getting closer to Irkutsk the traffic will be getting harder. But soon we will reach an amazing rolling road along Angara – the only river outflowing Baikal. We are heading to The Shaman rock. The ancient legend says that it was thrown by irate Baikal behind his obstinate daughter Angara, who ran to her beloved Enisey.
We’ll stay in Listvyanka village. For most visitors it is the starting point of acquaintance with this great lake. That’s why it’s often crowded and full of tourists from different corners of the World.
Day 5. Listvyanka – Tunkinsky valley (265 km)
Our today’s road passes through the picturesque Kultuisky tract with sharp turns and incredible views. We are heading to the natural pearl of Buryatia - Tunkinsky valley, surrounded by majestic Sayan Mountains. The history of this valley is closely related to Mongolian history and the name of Genghis Khan. As legends say it was his sacral place for rest and rituals, dedicated to the spirits of the mountains. We’ll stay at Arshan village that is well-known for its mineral waters.
6 день. Arshan – Ulan-Ude (490 km )
Today we’ll finish the circle and ride back to Ulan-Ude. On the way we’ll have a stop in Posolskoye village where The Transfiguration monastery rises on the right shore of Baikal Lake. It was founded in 1681 on the place of murdering of Russian ambassadors. The ambassadors from Mongolia and China were hosted here as far as Vitus Bering, Decembrists and many others had a chance to stay here for a while.
Here we will say our vail to Baikal Lake and take a road along the Siberian river Selenga straight to the capital of Buryatia.

Day 7. Ulan-Ude - Darkhan (360 km)
Today we cross the border in Kyakhta and follow the road to the land of boundless steppes – to Mongolia. Soon you will see the scenery of rolling hills and realize what a picturesque land it is. The diversity of Mongolian nature is absolutely impressing! Here you will face taiga forests, rocky mountains, grassy steppes and deserts with the small oases. We stay overnight in a small town called Darkhan.

Day 8. Darkhan – Gorkhi-Terelj National Park (300 km)

Riding towards the capital we pass it by and stop 80 km from it in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Be sure you will enjoy this nice ride among beautiful mountains and steppe landscapes. On the way we will see some huge stone sculptures created by mother-nature. Strong rough winds which have been smoothing the rocks for centuries turned them into the figures of wonderful shapes: tortoise, hear or sleeping dragon.
Day 9. Free day in The Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
You can either stay and have some rest at a really comfortable hotel or take a choice of fishing, horse riding or hiking on the territory of the Park.
It’s also possible to organize Mini-Naadham – the traditional competition that consists of three national Mongolian kinds of sport: wrestling, archery and horse race.

Day 10. Gorkhi-Terelj National Park – Sainshand (480 km)

We leave the Park and have a short stop at the statue of the Great Genghis khan that you can hardly miss. Its height is about 40 m. The figure of Genghis Khan is covered with 250 kg of stainless steel and surrounded by 36 columns, that symbolize other great khans of Mongolian Empire. Nowadays this statue is still the biggest monument of Genghis Khan and the hugest horse statue in the world.

Today the road leads us to the eastern Gobi where we stay in traditional Mongolian gers, not far away from Sainshand. As we are getting closer to the desert you will certainly feel a real pleasure of being in the middle of nowhere.

Day 11. Free day in The Gobi Desert
No doubts everyone has once heard of mythical land called Shambhala inhabited by creatures of incredible level of spiritual growth. Legend says it was a powerful kingdom of Middle Asia. After the Muslim invasion of the 9th century it became invisible to the human’s eye and only those men who have a noble and pure heart could find the way to Shambhala. According to the legend there are three gates to the kingdom and one of them is hidden somewhere in Gobi Desert.
We suggest getting up early this day in order to have a chance to admire the Khamarin-Khid monastery in the lights of the rising sun. It was found in 1820 by the Buddhist monk and enlightener Dhuldhuitin Danzanranzhoy. His predictions read that this very place connects our world with mysterious Shambhala and only this very place is the energy centre of our planet.
Today we can also ride to the mount of desire, but only men are allowed toclimb its top.
During the stay in The Gobi Desert you will see that it’s not a «classical» sandy desert. It’s truth that the surface is partly covered with such a picturesque sand-dunes, but mostly Gobi is represented by rocky barrens with poor vegetation. Mongolian people are used to divide The Gobi Desert into 33 areas: Yellow, Saline, Fertile, etc. Optionally we can ride to the small area of sand-dunes to take some amazing pics.

Day 12. Sainshand – The Ikh Gazrin Chuluu National Park (270 km)
Having been charged by the spirit of these inspiring places we continue our Mongolian trip. Today we are heading to the rock mass called Ikh Gazrin Chuluu, which in Mongolian means «The Giant Rock». You will face a magnificent view of granite canyon surrounded by boundless plains. It looks just like magician’s palace with beautiful towers, caves with all these steep cliffs. This amazing landscape is often compared with the surface of the Moon, especially when the rays of the setting sun colour the rocks in red.

Day 13. The Ikh Gazrin Chuluu National Park - Ulan-Bator (340 km)
Now we are riding straight to Ulan-Bator excited by these peaceful steppes, lonely nomads, proud camels and long kilometres of dusty roads spread beyond the horizon. 
So Ulan-Bator! Here we are, in one of the most controversial and extraordinary capital in the whole world. Everyday life of the city is saturated with the contrast: modern blocks of flats are close together with traditional Mongolian gers or fashionable and glossy European cars and old and slowly moving trolleybuses and buses.
In the evening we gather for our final dinner.

Day 14. Departure day.
Our guides will take you to the airport. Optionally you can prolong your stay in Ulan-Bator. 

Price per person:

 Rider in a DBL room 8800 USD 
 Single room supplement 600 USD 
 Co-rider  6700 USD 

The price includes:
  •  BMW G650GS, BMW G700GS rental; 
  •  Lodging in the hotels or in the tourist camps 2-5*; 
  •  Meals: 14 breakfasts and 12 dinners; 
  •  Guide services; 
  •  Luggage transportation in a support vehicle; 
  •  Airport transfers; 
  •  Boat rental; 
  • Entry tickets according to the programme of the tour. 

Extra costs: 

  •  Air tickets to Ulan-Ude and from Ulan-Bator; 
  •  Surcharge for BMW R1200GS: 1200 USD; 
  •  Gas and oil; 
  •  Deposit on the motorcycle: 600 USD for BMW G650GS, BMW G700GS and 950 USD for BMW R1200GS 
  •  Additional activities (ATV /4x4 tour on Olkhon island, fishing, etc.) 

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